Hair Stylist Academy

Your personal customized hair cutting class!

Looking for a personal technical hair trainer to improve your cutting skills? Antonio Pagano is announcing his one-on-one, hands-on hair cutting training. Are you struggling to master the foundations of haircutting? Do you want to learn the when, why, how, and what technique to use? This hair cutting program will build upon on your current hair cutting skills and bring them to a new level.

A woman with blonde hair and purple feathers in her long hair.

Building a haircut with internal shape

Graduation | Layering | Texturizing | Free hand | Scissor over comb | Classic hairline fading

Cutting techniques to achieve different outline lengths and which to choose

On skin | In comb | 
In fingers | Free hand

Training your eyes to see

Shape and balance | Uneven textures | Pinpointing weights and how to rectify

When, how, and why to choose a one-line, graduated, or layered technique. Which elevation or angle to decide on

Head shape | Hair density | Hairline gap above and behind the ears | Desired haircut style

When, why, and how to utilize disconnection to create style

Texture | Thinning the hair  | Hair movement | An edgy, bold, or saddle hair style

Correct cutting tension according to the individual

Hair texture | Growth patterns | Cowlicks | Weak hairline  |  Whorls in the nape area

Using the client’s organic guidelines

Facial bone structure for suitable face framing | Forehead hairline to create full one-length bangs, a sweeping, layered bang and bangs with graduation | Hairline growth patterns | Cowlick dictating hair style and shape

Choosing hair length according to the individual

Hair density | Face shape and face framing | Overall body figure | Cowlick areas, including internal lengths

Correct body and hand position to create shapes

Triangle | Round | Square

Get Your Personal Customized Hair Cutting Class!

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