Why we use this hair color product for our color services.

At Antonio Pagano Salon, color lights up our day.  We love the whole rainbow, from the sheerest platinum to blackest black and everything in between.  There’s one line of hair color and color care products we use to achieve the kind of results we want, and that’s Professional by FAMA.  

Our standards for the color products we use are high.  Color done wrong, with the wrong materials, can damage the hair and won’t look the way it should.  But color done right lights up your whole look, lifts your spirits, and boosts your confidence.  

We aren’t satisfied with anything that falls short.  That’s why we are so excited to have found the best, a hair color and color care line that satisfies our standards and gives our clients the look they want and beauty they deserve.  Why else do we love PBF?  

Professional by FAMA gives us all we need, from start to finish.  We don’t have to go to any other color company because it’s all here.  Permanent color, demi-permanent color, direct color, developer, and more.  Having all of this at our fingertips enhances our careers as hair artists.  

Professional by FAMA is not driven only by the appearance of the end result.  PBF is driven by research, by seeking from the ground up the very best ingredients.  With a foundation of the best ingredients available, PBF is able to build the best formulas and techniques, always looking to further refine their offerings and raise the bar for hair color products.   

Professional by FAMA’s formulas stand up to scrutiny by Italian and international oversight entities dedicated to preserving quality and protecting the public.  Production is of low environmental impact, certified under the UNI EN ISO 22716 standard for good manufacturing practices.  Antonio Pagano Salon values the sustainability and responsibility demonstrated by PBF.  

Professional by FAMA also participates in the LifeGate project.  By facilitating lower carbon dioxide emissions during production and supporting forest growth, the LifeGate project is helping to cleanse our air and water for better health for all organisms.  

The results speak for themselves.  With an average of 100 new formulas released every year, Professional by FAMA is always finding new shades and nuances in the color spectrum.  It’s a beautiful adventure, seeking every color the eye can see—peacock blue versus cerulean, the place where cinnamon meets henna, shimmering gold more real than 14-carat.  

Professional by FAMA’s products protect the health of your hair instead of damaging it.  Healthy hair takes color better, the color lasts longer, and the effect is more beautiful.  We join with thousands worldwide who enjoy PBF’s color products and rely on them for dazzling results, East and West, under the Northern Lights and the southern sun.  

Professional by FAMA also offers training and continuing hair color product education right on their website.  We’re always excited to find out about new products and techniques we can use in our salon—and we can’t wait to show them to you.  Come see us soon!

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