Blow-Dryer Safety + Wash-and-Wear Hairstyles.

COVID is spread through respiratory droplets, which become airborne and enter the bodies of others.  This has prompted some concern over whether or not it is safe to use blow-dryers.  The short answer is yes—generally.  If masks are worn and proper safety procedures are observed, using a blow-dryer should be perfectly safe.  Someone would have to cough directly into the dryer and use it quickly afterward to make the chances of infection significant.  

Antonio Pagano Salon is currently accepting clients at 50% capacity in the salon, and we are observing social distancing.  We disinfect our equipment regularly to ensure safety for all who enter.  But what if you’d rather avoid blow-dryers anyway, or you’re tired of heat styling altogether?  

Wash-and-Wear Hair

If you’re concerned about hair dryers or are just interested in lower-maintenance hair, consider looking into a style you can wash and wear or diffuse dry.  What are some characteristics and advantages of wash-and-wear hair?

  • The obvious—its low maintenance!  Reducing the time it takes to do your hair can make a big difference for your day.
  • There is no direct heat, which helps your hair to rejuvenate.  If your hair has been weakened from heat styling over time, give it a break for a while and embrace it closer to how it comes out of your head. 
  • You can use a leave-in conditioner combined with a styling product when wearing your natural hair style. Apply product right after your hair is washed or on damp hair, 
    • First step: Apply leave in conditioner and comb through.
    • Second step: Apply a styling product like a flexible gel and comb through.  
    • Third step: Place your head upside down and run your fingers through from scalp to ends. 
    • Fourth step: Let your hair air or diffuse dry without touching it. Massage your hair gently once it is dry. Enjoy your natural new look!
  • Have you ever gotten a haircut you loved, but it turns out that it’s impossible to style it at home and make it look like it did when you left the salon?  Firstly, our haircuts grow out beautifully, but wash-and-wear hair avoids that issue from the start.  
  • You still have options.  You can still heat style (dryers, irons, curlers) wash-and-wear hair if you want to.  

Is it Safe to Use a Blow-Dryer?

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If you’ve never had a wash-and-wear style before, or it’s been a long time, you probably have other questions.  Which style is best for you?  Can a wash-and-wear style work for my hair type?  Absolutely.  It all depends on your hair texture, haircut, hair condition, and the correct products for your hair type.  Come on in and we’ll help you pick something perfect that fits you and is even better than you expected.  Your perfect style might be a layered bob, it might be a graduated cut, it might be long hair with layers—maybe with bangs?  That’s part of the fun of doing hair!  

Cutting hair for a natural style takes special techniques and focused skill.  We’re dedicated to making hairstyles that lift our client’s spirits and light up their total beauty.  We’ll help you with what kind of heatless drying techniques to use, what kind of products are best, and more.  Wash-and-wear hair is perfect for summertime and anytime.  See you soon!

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