About Miki Matsuno

About Miki Matsuno

Master Hair Artist

Her vogue:

Avant-garde, eclectic, striking haute couture looks.

Born and raised in Japan but made in New York, Miki headed to the States to become a holistic nutritionist and heal people with whole foods and raw ingredients.  She diversified her skills with time spent as a chef and pastry chef, crafting dishes, designing menus, and operating underground supper clubs. 

However, before moving to the U.S., she was touched by the magic of hair styling when she got a haircut from a Sassoon-trained stylist in her hometown.  That one session would change her life, her look, her friends, and her ambitions, though she wouldn’t enter the hair industry until years later. 

After spending several years in food design, it was time for the hair design seed that was sown in Japan to blossom in the United States.  She enrolled in the cosmetology program at the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica.  From there, Miki worked her way up the ranks to reach her goal of being creative director in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City for nearly a decade.  Along the way, she worked in film and on various editorial projects including photo shoots and producing fashion shows before coming to Antonio Pagano Salon. 

Coming from a hair background that was purely and emphatically Sassoon, it is a match that makes sense given Antonio’s background with the company.  But more than that, what drew Miki was Antonio’s vision and concept for a modern hair design studio where stylists and clients alike come to be inspired, where their ingenuity can be rejuvenated with new looks, and where they can grow in a setting that buzzes with intellectual energy.  For Miki, the salon is a place for personal growth where she can unlock and ignite her creative potential.

Miki’s specialties are creative cutting, men’s cuts, and textured hair.  Her mission is to design cuts tailored to each person’s unique features as well as their tastes, and she never tires of hearing that her clients get glowing compliments about their hair!

Miki Matsuno

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